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Small Business Loans

Companies that provide business loans in South Africa became extremely popular in recent years for two reasons:

  • The massive red tape process with most of the mainstream banks.  When we apply for any type of business finance, it generally takes up to one month to receive the funds applied for.  Small businesses in South Africa need a better solution.
  • In the slow economy, with debtors taking longer to pay, working capital (if managed correctly), can be a massive cash injection into a business.  It is essential always to use a good gearing structure when it comes to financing in a company.  We don’t merely want to raise funds that cannot, for sure, be paid back.

The new modern business loan companies in South Africa can deliver on finance as quickly as 72 hours from the date of application. Still, it is crucial to make sure all your documentation is in order.  This will ensure a fast and stress-free application.

Small Business Funding in South Africa

For more information on the various business founding  options, please watch our video below.

Business Loan Application checklist

We compiled a checklist of items for your convenience to make sure you provide the finance broker with a complete application. By being prepared with this, you will come across professional and will most definitely improve your chances of getting finance.

  • The last two years of financial statements.

    This will show the history of the company.

  • Management statements

    (the same as financial statements but for a portion of a fiscal year) up to the latest completed month.  In other words, if your company’s fiscal year-end is 28 February you would need to provide management statements from March to the latest completed month.

  • The same above mentioned two points

    For the director/s of the company.

  • Bank statements

    Bank statements of all business accounts for the last completed six months.

  • ITA 34 for the last two years

    This is the tax assessment of the company with SARS.

  • Latest company documents

    Latest company documents of the company.

  • FICA

    FICA of all the Directors.


One of the ways of securing a small business loan in South Africa is through invoice factoring.


Invoice discounting assist the business owner in accessing funds immediately, and not wait for the …


One of the ways of securing a small business loan in South Africa …

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